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20080606sunset2I was on my way out with the dog last night and from the front porch, even through the trees, power lines and houses across the street, I could see the glow.  I had to dash back into the house for my camera and really hustle in order to make it to the bridge in time to take some photos.  I could feel the burn.

Saturday Sky courtesy of Friday night.

Yesterday we said "Hello!" to summer.  One evening last week I had a fleece-lined denim shirt on for my evening walk with the dog and had been contemplating gloves.  Yesterday, it was hot and humid and they say it was just a prelude to the weekend.  It's nice right now, so I've got the house wide open.



And I've got the house shut up tight, and fans on because we're going to have such humidity with heat this weekend. The humidex is forecast over 40 C/apparently 104F. Enjoy.


Wow, Vicki. Beautiful photos of the sunset. The weather transition has me confused. :D Now, where are my shorts?


Oh, that's just fabulous! That heat wave is hitting us today and tomorrow. Time to head to the beach!


Gorgeous! Worth the burn photos. We've had a return of the cold weather, too. Come on summer!!


BEAUTIFUL sunset! The heat hasn't hit here yet...we had SNOW this week. I love your photograph!


Gorgeous images; that is an excellent capture.


Well done for grabbing the camera in time. Nature is stunning


Vicki--I was there, and it was spectacular. Nice job on capturing a beautiful sunset.

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