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Campanula & Old Shale

It's supposed to be a perfect day today, and I've gotta say that it's certainly starting out that way... although I was very wakeful in the early morning, so was up extra-extra early this morning (hope that doesn't bite me later). I took care of some online banking and bills, wrote a few paper checks, readied the laundry room for the morning delivery, expected between 8 and noon.

At 6:00 a.m. the phone rang -- unusual on a summer morning! During the school year (only one more to go!) that's a more common occurrence -- someone's car didn't start, can someone else get a ride, would you bring this or that, can you sub today. It was the delivery guy saying that they're ahead of schedule and "Is it okay if we're there in 30 minutes?"

Okay? OKAY???? Hell YEAH.

That's right about the time I'd be leaving for work and tonight I have a grrlfriend movie date right after work -- can I leave my new washer here all day and not get a load in 'til 9:00 p.m.?

No. I called work and someone was able to cover! w00t!! The maiden voyage (towels and good underwear) is nearly complete -- I'll throw in a second load (darks) and then run off to work.

Yay! I'm a happy camper, washer woman!!

Old Shale Baby Blanket

Here's progress on the Old Shale baby blanket.  It's going to be a wee bit narrow, perhaps more of a coverlet.  I think I've just tied on the fourth or fifth ball of yarn -- they're little and they go fast!



w00t!! Things are looking up in Knitoriousland! Love the pic as usual.


Hooray for clean clothes right in your own home!


An early delivery? WOW!


Yes that's all good - - but WHAT MOVIE ARE YOU GOING TO SEE???? I'm guessing Mama Mia?

Sarah R

Love the campanula picture. That would make a gorgeous colorway for yarn.

And I love the baby blanket, too. Old Shale is such a pretty stitch.


I love campanula. And I love having a washer. I'm guessing you are with me on both counts ;-)


New washer madness! I have never ever taken mine for granted. Love the Old Shale Baby Shawl. Hope your day continues to go well.

Teresa C

Ahead of schedule a SIX A.M.?! Whoa, you are a lucky woman!


So, liking the new machine? I'd've just bought new panties... Love the pics of skeins on the line!


Woot, new machine. :) Almost as nice as the baby blanket and flowers!


Gotta love a new major appliance! Whoo hoo. Your Campanula's are gorgeous. Such a beautiful flower.


Beautiful baby blanket. Have left you an award. Enjoy.

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