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Cuteness personified

Ya think? We had a fun weekend.

I had the day off on Friday and went, with my mom, sister and nephews, to Bay Beach -- a city-owned and -operated amusement park on the Bay of Green Bay. I haven't been there since my own kids were little, and not much has changed -- tickets cost a quarter now, instead of a dime. Bay Beach is one of NE Wisconsin's treasures, for sure.

On Saturday, the boys came over to my house for a while and we had a blast, playing in the back yard. I'd brought a sheet outside, intended for sitting on, but I ended up wafting it over the boys in a lovely breeze and they'd dissolve and giggles as they tried to get out from under.

Good times.

Yesterday, I finally cracked that can of pink paint that I bought before my "free time" was hijacked by dealing with the washing machine/laundry woes. The color is exactly the shade of my hanging geranium -- just lovely -- but I've got to say, painting chairs is a complete and total PITA. I thought this one would be easier because it was slats rather than spindles. Um. No.

There was very little weekend knitting -- the bulk of it was done late yesterday and last night. I cast on Juno Regina, knit a bunch, lost my place, ripped, cast on again and knit a bunch more -- with confidence (and a lifeline) (and a few stitch markers) and... so far so good. I'm happy to have found a project for the yarn and excited that I'll have a gorgeous new scarf for fall. Not that I'm ready yet for summer to end.

Also trying to catch up with my ABCs and get back on track!

Good times.



Look at those eyelashes!! Who wouldn't just love to have them? And the photto captured at just.the.right.moment. Amazing.


What a super cutie.


That is a great photo. Re: painting chairs. Two words: power sprayer.

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