Weekend Report

Hanging geranium

It's a two-fer today. I love the color of this geranium. My next chair will be painted in something like this. I have the paint, it's coming up with the time that's challenging.

I'm off on an awesome wool-knitting-blogging adventure tomorrow. You wouldn't believe it if I told you. Happy Weekend!



You captured the flowers beautiful. Dying to know what adventure you're headed for!!


OK - I guess I'll sit in THAT chair until the yellow one is ready! Have a great day; can't wait to hear all about it.


Your flower photos are fabulous.
Can I mail you a bit of Clematis? I wonder if it would live.. yet its pinkish, not purple..

Have a fabulous adventure - can't wait to hear about it.


Adventure? Knitting!!! hmmmmm,,, waiting patiently to read about it and this is another wonderful photo of the flowers. I think a chair in this color will be perfect with the blue one!


Geranium pink---I can just see a chair in the color. I wonder if a purple chair is in your future. Adventure-blogging? Sounds like fun!


They're both loverly.

You will tell us sometime, won't you? And see if we believe you!


Enjoy your adventure



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