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One of those days

I love being an aunt!

My sister grabbed my camera and snapped a few of the kids and me yesterday.  The little guy was after my glasses somethin' fierce, so I had to take them off.  The last picture taken of me without glasses had to be about 23 years ago, when I wore extended-wear contacts 'til Katie was a year old, but not since! Hm.

We had the most fabulous Fourth of July weekend -- or any kind of weekend -- EVER!! The weather was practically perfect in every way, the food was great and in just the right quantities and shared with all the right people -- well, not all the right people, but many of the right people. I got to cuddle and play and get jumped on and tackled and even a little bit wet since someone was alternating between the jumping/tackling (not so much the cuddling) and running through the sprinkler.

I bought paint for one of the new chairs, but never had the chance to crack the can. Maybe on Wednesday. I'll also be painting storm windows over the next few weeks, as DH has commenced with this year's house painting agenda.  I think I may have actually (inadvertently?) volunteered to do the windows!

(For the record: 4 lbs in 4 weeks.)



Beautiful lady you!


It really looks like you had fun!


Woohoo! It was a great weekend all the way around. Love the picture!


Your happiness shows all over your face, Vicki. You look fabulous!


You look radiant in that photo!
I think Mack likes Auntie Vicki a little, too.


For the record - 1 pound in 4 weeks (though it was 2 before the 4th and I am traveling). Good progress. Great weekend.

Teresa C

I love that photo of you! And I love that you are posting more often these days. Loving every second of it.


Great photo - since you rarely have photos of yourself in the blog, I was beginning to think you looked like the ceramic Vicki on your About Me page. It looks like you had a fabulous fourth!

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