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L is for...

Lace! Can you believe it? I'm knitting lace!

It's Mim's Juno Regina, to be exact -- a lovely Knitty Surprise from last fall. I am using a hank of Morehouse Farm's Merino Lace from Rhinebeck -- um, I think that's not from last year, but the year before. The colors are so beautiful, which is why I bought it in the first place, and I've had it wound up and sitting in plain view for quite some time.

I'm pretty much a lace newbie so it's only natural that I'd also be *gasp* modifying the pattern. My yardage is a bit less, so I'm making it narrower -- more a scarf than shawl. I printed a bunch of the charts and got out scissors and tape last night to try and get a grip on what needed to be done. This is nothing compared to the charts I made for Cromarty and St. Brigid -- every repeat charted, practically life size, and at least one of them is on a big tri-fold board. Heh.

Anyway, I've already ripped and restarted once. I've put in one lifeline so far on the second try, and I do believe it's time for another.



Welcome to the Lace side! My true love.....


You're knitting lace? You're knitting lace!! Hooray!!!


I have to admit that I was skimming and I saw the charts and thought.... Wow. That looks familiar.....

Duh! I hope you enjoy it! And if you get stuck with the charts, there is a great ravelry group kal that has a page that breaks it all down.

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