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Log Cabin Blanket

I want to call this done and Sarah Peasley said that I could. A part of me says that I should continue all the way around, though, and a part of me even wants to -- the part that wants to see it, not the part that wants to do it. It goes pretty fast on enormous needles, I have plenty of yarn, and I'm not quite prepared for the next thing. What do you think? Is it done?

The next thing is a baby blanket -- Anna Bell's lovely Old Shale pattern -- using yarn that I'm reclaiming from a sweater I knit pre-blog for Alison. She may have worn it once. I have everything torn apart, ripped out and wound into hanks except for one sleeve.

The wind was knocked out of our sails a little bit last night upon learning that Maddy's best friend's mom died yesterday from complications during surgery.  I have so many feelings about that as a mother, daughter, friend, girl, woman...



Yeah, I'd knit a border around the blanket. I'm sorry about Maddy's friend's mom. How sad for everyone.


It's done - because you need to be there for Maddy and her friend. I'm sorry for your loss. Hold her tight and keep her close. Be there for her friend - all the thnings I know you'd do without me having to tell you because this is the kind of person you are. Peace and prayers are on their way.


The blanket is wonderful as is. It's time for you to move on. Deb is right...you need to be free to hug and help as you can.


The blanket looks great!

So sorry to hear about your loss.


I like the asymmetry of the blanket.

Sorry about your loss.


I'm sorry -- for Maddy's friend most, but it touches everyone, as you say.

The blanket's asymmetry is cool as shapes, but I must admit, the color looks unbalanced to me. If it were me (which it's not), I'd keep knitting -- maybe knit something small and quick if you need a break.


If Sarah Peasley gave it a stamp of approval, you can take it to the bank. However, I too would like to see a border. It would not take long at all to do a row or two of single crochet all the way around. Just a thought.

My knitting community just lost a member due to complications after surgery also. Raises all kinds of feelings, yes indeed. So be good to yourself, Vicki. And that includes calling your blanket done.


I'm in the "blanket needs a border" camp. I'd like to see about an inch in one single color all around the blanket.


I think it need the other side too although maybe leaving it somewhere you can check on it several times a day and you will know absolutely if you are done.

That kind of news always rocks you 'round a bit.


Augh! Yesterday was a bad news day for me, too. I am right there with you in terms of how it rocks your soul. As for the blanket, it looks done to me.


Not only is it DONE, it's given me a plan for the odd-sized, over-sized square that I knit at the beginning of the one I started, and I LOVE IT!

How devastating about Maddy's best friend's mom. Just utterly devastating.

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