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Madeleine.  It's senior portrait time!  I'll be taking them this year and, while this is not "official," I think it has assured her that I might be capable.  This was hardly even trying -- I can't wait to play around on locations (we both have ideas).  I like both of these, but maybe the toned black and white conversion better since I made it bigger.  ; )

Img_1209webI had my camera out, of course, when I was babysitting the other day and Mack (so adorable), asked, "Vicki, are you a PHOTOGRAPHER?"  He may well have asked, "Are you a BRAIN SURGEON?" with the emphasis, wonder, awe and importance he conveyed.  Heh.

"Yes, honey, I am a photographer."  Gah!  I think I'm finally getting it -- the technical stuff -- it's true what they say, you know, "Shoot, shoot, shoot!"  I don't do it nearly enough.  Wish I could do it more.  (Damn job cuts into everything fun.)

Maddy.  My god.  My baby is not my baby anymore.  What an amazing... girl, teenager, young woman... PERSON.  When I started blogging four years ago, she was 13 -- and aren't those four jam-packed years in anyone's life!?!  She takes a lot on from her friends' lives.  Tumultuous lives.  Heartbreaking lives.  She's a rock.  Straightforward.  No nonsense.  Takin' no shit from no body.  Look into those eyes.  (That eye.)

Img_1209bwerncropSick of her yet?  While scrolling through this post, another crop presented itself.  That might be my favorite yet.

At this time next year, we'll be packing her up to go to college.


Empty nest, anyone?  With crazy schedules and whatnot around here, we've actually been getting in some practice.

Give your kids an extra-special hug today.

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It's just like they told us when they were born: time flies by! I can't believe my baby is going to be 16 in just a month. And a jr. in high school. Where did the years go?


wow....such a big kiddo! I love that last shot the best!


I don't know what to say. Besides the fact that the pictures are gorgeous - 1,3,2 in that order. You always give me so much to think about - especially about my K. I'm years away from this I think...but am I? Really?


Gorgeous photos, Vicki.
But empty nest? So not ready!


Wonderful photos Vicki! Your talent & skills just keep getting better & better.


Vicki, that is some fine shootin'. Thanks for keeping the EXIF in your pix...I'm always wanting to see the camera settings of other people!


She's a beauty, Vicki, and what an amazing photo. You've got a gift.


Truly stunning!


Stunning photos. It is strange to see them grown and know that you had a part in it somewhere, but that they've also become so much more.

Mary Beth

Go Maddy! My own Maddy is off an her own adventure this is hard to be left behind when they fly off, no matter how good (and necessary) it is for them!

Your photos are gorgeous because you really capture the person.


My god. Your daughter is gorgeous! You can look into her eyes and tell she is "an old soul"--- which is probably why she is such a rock.

You= photographer...

Rhonda the Stitchingnut

3,1,2 ... I love the black & white also. And the subject always leans toward the beauty of the shot. Lovely daughter!


She surely is beautiful! Today my nose confirmed that my 12 yr old boy is starting to get that hormonal aroma associated with puberty. I didn't say anything though... Will soon and introduce him to a gentle deodorant...


What I meant to imply is... beginning of adulthood in my boy!


I love these photos, but I think my favorite is your favorite crop! can't wait to meet her!


Gee, that's on the "to-do" list for today...make appointment for senior pictures! Maybe I should drive over to your house!?!


Wow...she HAS grown up! What a beautiful young lady!


Incredible photos of your gorgeous girl.
Can it really and truly be senior year already?! They grow so quickly.

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