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My blue chair

Yesterday's inspiration -- today's obsession.

I only dragged my blue chair to my nearest neighbor's house -- onto the street in front, actually, and across the street from the first new construction on our block in about 100 years, about which I am not really a happy camper. I think I'm the only person in the 'hood who hasn't met the new homeowner -- who is over there every freakin' day and often at night (like dark night, not just evening), doing Lord only knows what, even when there was nothing but a hole in the ground.

Anyway, because of something to do with the gas line, I think, there are construction warning barriers surrounded by a plastic orange fence around a hole in front of my new neighbor's house and I could not resist. The sun was in a such wonderful spot, I dragged the chair back to my own yard and set it amongst the flowers in the front garden. I used to be a good gardener... I think one of those is called "Scottish bells" and the other is a sort of geranium that's spreading all through the garden and there are also plentiful weeds. I'd love to leave the chair out there, but I fear it would not long be mine.

I have a LOT of this paint left over and, while I do love the color, I want more colors... other colors... different colors.



Every chair a different bright color...inspired!!


Sorry about your new construction neighbor. I fear that we were once such neighbors to the people around us! I LOVE your chair!!


Sweet chair!


Sweet chair!


I absolutely love your blue chair! Just gazing at it makes me so very happy. We should all have blue chairs to brighten our days.


Love it!

Steph VW

Can I come over to your place? I just want to sit on that blue chair and day dream in the flowers.


Oh I love it! Like a neon robin's egg blue!! Fab!


Oh, Vicki, I LOVE the blue chair! I also love the idea of many different-colored ones. Can't wait to see them. I love seeing your photographer's eye taking wing.


I love the blue and the idea of more colors sounds great!

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