Only for a moment...

Lg_washer No_washer

Ooops...then the moment's gone.

Isn't it pretty?  The defect was apparent right away, when the lights for "Normal" and "Cotton/Towels" on the dial (shown at right) did not illuminate and no cycle could be selected.

At least the old washer has been hauled off.

The delivery men were outstanding and it makes me feel "good" to know that they were surprised by this unfortunate turn.  "This never happens with LG," leading me to believe that it's a more common situation with other brands.  LG called within minutes of the delivery van's departure and the replacement will arrive on Monday, which is better than Wednesday (which was the delivery guy's best estimate).

Breathe in, breathe out, survey the laundry basket.  At least I found a stellar laundromat -- now I just have to figure out when I can get there and what is essential.  Rain is in the forecast every day for the next week, at least, so I may want to wash and dry rather than bring home a wet queue.

Stay tuned.

Update:  I keep forgetting to note my weight loss progress, which is slower than molasses in January but "progress" nonetheless.  I have either shown a small loss or remained the same at every weigh-in and the total as of yesterday is minus 4.4.  The first 10 seems real now, like it could actually happen, and I'm beginning to think "reward."

Rained_out_1 Rained_out_2

I was helping Mom pick out her first pair of spectacles yesterday (other than reading glasses, and other than the pair she had but didn't really need in grade school) when it started to rain!  Luckily, DH was around and he brought in my nearly dry hanks from the clothesline.  They weren't completely dry yet and (why don't I have a drying rack?) I had to get creative...



We have an LG washer/dryer and we love it. Hope your replacement will make you very happy!


pretty ingenious drying racks..


The drying rack is ingenious!
May the next new washer live a long and happy life!!


Oooh - washer envy!!


Power on with the weight loss. It's a long continuous effort and I can never totally ignore it. Good luck.


At least you're getting the kinks out of the new washer! Love those drying racks. Very clever.


We have an LG too and although it cost the earth, Dan and I are constantly congratulating ourselves that it was one of the best purchases ever. Ours is a washer/dryer combo so you put the clothes in and in a couple of hours, they are not only washed, but dried! At least you found out immediately that one was a lemon, so once the right one arrives, you won't have to fuss with it again (fingers crossed!).


Love the drying racks. :)


If you do get a drying rack, I'd advise going whole hog and getting a chrome one. I've had wooden, and they tend to snag stuff, plus, the wood can get mildewed. otoh, your present drying rack(s) are soooo clever!


I gotta get back to the gym. Oh, and stop eating entire cakes and pints of ice cream as I did yesterday. Cripes, I keep saying that I'm supposed to be making investments in my super-busy work fall and winter by eating extra-super-good this summer, but I keep falling off the wagon. Still, I'm mostly doing fine -- just not the STELLAR I would like to be. Sigh.

I'm amazed that they tested the washer before they left. That'd be MY luck -- that they'd deliver it and leave before I figured out it didn't work. If the LG washer is anything like the LG phone I had, it'll be a gem. Fingers crossed!

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