Log Cabin Blanket
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Reclaimed Yarn 1

This is Muench Yarns "Goa" used for a boatneck sweater for Alison about five years ago.  I think it's the main reason why I haven't knit a sweater-by-request for Madeleine.  Reason:  This may have been worn once.  The pattern is from Knitting Simple Sweaters from Luxurious Yarns, and it was luxurious (read: expensive) yarn -- sitting around doing nothing.  That dang Suede specified for the sweater that Maddy wants is expensive, too -- and for that particular sweater, it really has to be Suede.  Katie wears a couple of sweaters that I knit -- but I did not knit them specifically for her, nor did I knit them by request, she just liked them.  YAY!!

Okay.  I'm just having a little gripe.  I finished the frogging last night.  It got a little soak this morning and now it's hung out to dry.  It's hot and humid today, so hopefully it will dry.  I'm actually looking forward to knitting this up into "Old Shale."  This will be an exercise in lace knitting, in preparation for something more fine, serious, and substantial.

How about another pretty yarn photo?

Reclaimed Yarn 2

Yarn on a clothelines.  I'm loving the rows.  I need to take my camera for a drive in the country -- side-road country -- because I'm having a thing for rows of corn and rows of silos and rows of mown hay and rows of hay bales/balls and rows of outbuildings.


The hollyhocks never grow in rows -- on stalks, they do, but not in rows -- they're much too rambunctious!  They're not very tall this year, but I have quite a few.  They make me happy.

In other news, the new washer will be delivered today -- between 4:00-8:00 p.m.  WTF?  Never mind.  Whatever.  Never fear, there will be a full post forthcoming about the new washer.  ; )

The Log Cabin blanket is taking a vacation -- and it can, because no kid in Texas is in need of any sort of blanket right now!  I have determined that, at the very least, I will continue my funky border thing around the entire blanket -- whether I border it further is a possibility yet to be determined.  I think I need to continue what I was doing on the remaining two sides for balance, as Cathy-Cate suggested -- and to me it's more a balance of color than of design.



Yay! for a new washer and renewed yarn! The holy hock is one of my favorite flowers...love the deep color.


I have a thing for rows too - neat and orderly. Everything just.right!

cheesehead with sticks

May your new washer delivery not be delayed by the buckets that are currenty falling from the sky (and headed your way I'm sure)! Perhaps the wide delivery window will work in your favor.

Melissa V.O.

I am smiling about the knitting for children saga - my son (ok, and husband) won't wear a handknit. The only thing my boy would consider were a pair of fun fur "monster mitts". Awful to knit. I'm sure the Goa is much nicer to work with.

I adore your hollyhocks, the color is fabulous. I can't wait to see photos from the country. The more silos the better.

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