Wonderful Wallaby Hoodie
My blue chair

Ringside at the rollercoaster


I bought some electric blue paint and slapped a new coat on a formerly dusty pink kitchen chair that's been holding towels in the upstairs bathroom. Man. It's a spindly kitchen chair from the '30s or '40s and what a pain in the ass to paint! Looks cool, though. I have to apply one more coat.

The color goes with absolutely nothing inside, outside, or around my house -- though the exterior window trim is in the area of those red pickets. It's vibrant -- a word that's never been associated with me; I have always been more... muted. It says, "LOOK AT ME!" without being yellow. (Yellow has it's place -- I love yellow -- but it's so often just wrong.)

Vibrant. Who'd a thunk it?

I wove in ALL the ends on Mack's sweater while knitting out last night. I forgot to bring yarn, though, so still have only to sew up the "small black" seam under the arm on one side.

I'm excited about starting something new. I'm thinking lace, probably a substantial scarf/stole. First, though, while I consider my stash and the possibilities, I must finish the kid blanket to send to Texas and will probably stash dive for suitable yarn for some squares for the "OFA girl" blanket(s).



I love, love, love that picture...the colors are fabulous! You should make a print...I'd buy it. I wonder what I can paint that color. ;-)


Ditto Margene!

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