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Row of Buckets on a Row of Pedestals

This is one of my favorite photos from Door County on Saturday. It's not what I was after, but I love it. I want to find a place to do something like this at home -- a row of stone pedestals, each topped with a metal pail used as a planter. Perhaps these were once posts to a proper fence -- there must be six or eight along on each side of the drive into this property -- but there is nothing between them now. Now they're part of an eye-catching, happy, rustic and overgrown summer jumble.

Ooops. "Did we say Monday?"

I'm wearing my last "good" pair of underwear today -- I know you know what I mean -- and yesterday I noticed that there was one clean bath towel left in the downstairs bathroom towel basket. The washer won't be delivered 'til tomorrow, after all, and who knows when.

The good news is that I've had to dig a little deeper in some other clothing piles and I'm wearing a pair of capri pants today that had earlier been sorted into the "a bit too tight" pile.

I have wound up all of the recycled "Goa" yarn and have begun Anna Bell's Old Shale Baby Blanket. Twice. I knit up a ball using 9s on Saturday night while watching Ladies In Lavender (in which Dame Judi Dench knits, among other things), but it was turning out tighter than I wanted, so started again on 10.5s and I like it much better. Possibly a progress pic tomorrow.



Love the picture. Now I have Bob Dylan's "Bucket of Rain" stuck in my head.


The light is really beautiful in that photo.


Oh! I really liked that movie.


Laughing at "good" underwear!!!

Melissa V.O.

Ladies in Lavender was a fun little movie, I'm partial to Maggie Smith. Is that bit of red on the pillar a lady bug? Sounds like you had a fun time in Door county, I have an uncle up in Sturgeon Bay and it's such a lovely area.


Delurking. Super photo! I have a small bucket like that- great idea for the garden. Hope the delivery of the washer goes without incident today.

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