One of those days

Unbelievable cuteness in da hood

Img_0043web Img_0059web

"Cakes are done, people are finished."  That's my mother's voice going through my head, quoting some doctor that she used to work with, each and every time I think about thinking, saying or writing about something that's been... completed.

"The sweater is done."

"I am finished with the sweater."

The most Wonderful Wallaby, minus the pouch and with a hood this time.  The gray and black are Mission Falls Cotton.  The colors for the truck area are a Cascade cotton that I'll have to look up.  The birthday sweater, just shy of a month overdue.  Not bad.

The sweater was inaugurated and tested during 4th of July during fireworks!

* * * * *

Sheesh.  I didn't mean to be so dramatic yesterday.  I'd been thinking all day about what to post.  A couple of things have put me in a melancholy mood lately, and then some other things -- the whole general state of things... the world, our country, the economy -- started to drag me down a bit, and then pretty soon it was like every time I opened my mouth or had a thought it just kept getting darker and darker.  One thing that started it was Maddy asking me for money for gas the other night.  I knew I didn't have much cash in my wallet, and I was right.  I had a $5.00 bill.  It's just depressing.  There have been plenty of good things happening -- stratospherically awesome goodness (when I allow myself to feel it and believe it and just let it be and NOT let it be overshadowed) -- but the evil thoughts were winning the battle yesterday.  I couldn't stop myself.

I felt compelled to post, for some reason, and decided to just do it right then before it got any worse -- I don't know what made me think of Steve Winwood and Higher Love... it's just that there must be -- we must aspire to -- a higher love in everything we do, all that we touch, you know... rise above, light the night, be strong?

You know?



I've given up the news and have tired to stay focused on the here and now as a way to keep from going to the dark place. It may be ostrich like, but it gets me through.
The sweater could not be cuter and Max looks fabulous wearing it. Good work you!


Gorgeous boy - very nice sweater. Sorry I missed you guys this morning. I'm home all day if you want to chat.


Yes, I do know.


I love the finished sweater - and that model you hooked up with is quite the looker ;)


I know too.

Gorgeous boy though:D

The sweater is pretty cool too;)


Oh Vicki - we're all in the same boat. Some of us just paddle it differently, or not at all.

Mack, the sweater, the photos - it's really hard to say which is more beautiful. Great job on all fronts.


That is an amazingly cute sweater! (and an amazingly cute young man. :)


I completely understand. Somber times out here in California, too. Although kids and ducklings can just make your day, right?


love your hair and the sweater. he looks adorable in it!!


Wicked cute! (the sweater and the boy in it). I really think that the reason we are here is to learn to love. Ourselves, each other, and something bigger than ourselves. All the rest doesn't matter so much. (but I don't always remember this for myself!).


The sweater is fantastic. So cute.
BTW, I love "Higher Love." It's a great song.


Oh, that IS unbelIEVable cuteness. Love that, love that, LOVE that.


It was a workathon yesterday. But I saw your black thoughts AND your inspiring Steve Winwood lyrics on Bloglines. I never heard all the words. Those are really wonderful.

Thank you so much for sharing, and you can be honest about how you're feeling any time, eh? I too, like another commenter, tend to avoid the news; the media and the news they report get me down often times (Newsweek is about the limit of the news I want).

Now beautiful nephews in handknit sweaters of love -- that's well worth reading and seeing. Why I'm on the computer and not watching the TV news! Be well, Vicki.


Totally great sweater! He is so cute!


What a darling sweater on a darling boy! It turned out great!

Hope your day is bright and sunny for you-hugs!


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