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Door County Cherry


On Sunday I took a few things to a laundromat that Alison recommended as the best she's found (she alternates between doing laundry at home and at a laundromat).  Free wireless internet, XM satellite radio, lounge, comfortable seating, TVs placed/visible throughout, comfortable seating, an attendent on duty who is always actively engaged in a task.  It made me wonder if I shouldn't postpone the purchase of a new washer and patronize the laundromat for a while.

I did end up spending the rest of Sunday with finishing of the laundry -- drying, folding, putting away.  I had time for plenty of other things, but laundry definitely ruled the day.  Last night, I enjoyed the company of both Katie & Al at the 'mat as we all did our laundry together.  We had a great time -- Kate & I even snuck out for a quick trip to Goodwill during the wash cycle (I found a denim vest that I love for $1.99!) -- but it pretty much quelled any lingering thoughts I had about making the laundromat a habit.  We didn't get home until going-on-10:00.  There's no way I'm shooting a whole day/night to hell doing laundry -- even a clean and comfy hell, even with enjoyable company -- every week!

Spin cycle

Yeah, definitely lookin' forward to Monday.

Reclaimed Yarn 2

Kate's here for a 4-day weekend.  She's hangin' with Ali this morning while she gets some service done on her car.  I think we're going to Door County for the day tomorrow with Maddy.  Tomorrow may be my "row drive" with the camera -- we'll pass farms and farm fields a'plenty on the way, and Door County is studded with rows of trees in cherry and apple orchards, rows of sails and sailboats in harbors, rows of...

Road Trip

On Sunday, we're going to the Appleton Old Car Show and I can't wait.  It's been years since I've been to that show -- or any show!  I think the last car show I attended was one we stumbled upon in Albuquerque when we were there for my cousin's wedding -- and he's been gone for a few years already, so, yeah, it's been a while.  (Hm, rows of old cars... I may have to make a weekend of it.)

I also hope to get to the farmer's market tomorrow!  This is turning out to be my summer of the beet.  It started with the Balsamic Beet Salad that I made for both Mother's Day and the Fourth of July, and continues with Grilled Beets thanks to Gale (She Shoots Sheep Shots and also Grills a Mean Beet).  (Note to self:  Buy goat cheese at the market, too.)  An opportunity to grill 'em presented itself last night -- time was short, so I cooked them a bit in the microwave before tossing them on the grill.  They were good, but they definitely should not be rushed.

Happy Weekend!



I've got some beets and will follow your lead!


Sounds like a great weekend. Have fun with the girls!!


I'm loving the Green Bay farmer's market too. We have one on Saturday, and one on Wednesday afternoon/evening. The great thing about the Wednesday market is it's also a weekly art fair and there is always music.

Enjoy the market and your car show! If you want to see rows of airplanes, EAA is almost here too. :)


The Highland Grill in St. Paul has a roasted beet salad (gold and red beets) served over greens with a white bean puree and cashews. It is so excellent that I have duplicated it at home. Try that one if you get a chance.

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