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So, I'll be celebrating my 50th birthday in less than a month.  I've actually been "celebrating" in many ways for the better part of this, my 50th year -- as well as grasping, realizing, comprehending, honoring, encouraging, announcing, appreciating, affirming (among other things) -- and I expect to carry on into my 51st and well beyond.

You may have noticed.  I've come a long way, baby, but there are many more places to go...

It's been quite a year -- exhilarating and terrifying, public and private, well thought out and spontaneous, articulated and kept secret -- or not even...  often I'm just plain speechless. Over these past few months, I've felt stronger, more powerful, and more in control than I ever have.  I've allowed myself to dream and gone with my gut more than I ever have before.  And sometimes it gives me a tummy ache...  because I've also never felt more scared or alone, less confident or assured -- not that confidence and assuredness were ever strong points to begin with.

Anyway.  In a sort of "It's Good To Be Queen" way, I've summoned my sisters for a mid-November Sister Weekend to celebrate my birthday.  It's been ages since we spent a weekend together -- something we used to do with some regularity.  They could hardly deny me -- in fact, I didn't give them a choice other than which weekend -- and the anticipation x4 is testament to how overdue we are.

I found a little place west of Madison that we'll have all to ourselves and I'm looking forward to someone baking me a cake.  We will likely visit Shake Rag Alley; maybe House On The Rock; Taliesen would be fun... don't know if we'll have time.  I need to spend some time relaxing, too.  We will definitely spend some time enjoying the current textile display by Knitter's Treat and dinner at The Dining Room at 209 Main.  There are some shops in the area that are on my list and I'm beginning to take a close look at my route and what I could bump into on the way.

* * * *

Yesterday's post was not only short, it was a little disjointed.  Here are a few photos of the young junior arborist-in-training:

Arborist-in-Training There's work to do... New duds

Amazing, no?!  I have no idea where Bill found a harness small enough for a 3yo -- there's lots of room to grow!

* * * *

I had to rip back the Maddy's Sweater sleeve swatch -- not all the way, but with only 5-6 inches remaining.  I was working directly from the pattern in the magazine, which I didn't want to mark up, so hadn't circled all of the numbers specific to the size I'm making and, sure enough, I missed one.  I'd made only 4 increases at each side when I should have made 7 -- a difference of a half-dozen.  Huh.  Funny how that works.



If you're knitting, you got to rip, too. Sad fact. The retreat with your sisters sounds like a perfect way to celebrate your landmark birthday. This year has been landmark for you in many ways. Keep it up!!


Congrats on the milestone! The getaway sounds fab - I haven't been to Mineral Point in years, but many fond memories. Enjoy a pasty for me ;)


I know you and your sisters will have a fabulous time on your birthday weekend next month.


Happy Birthday to you! The very wicked part of me wants to get back into the gym and/or into to tae kwon do, so that when I turn 50 (in just under 2.5 years) I will be utterly fabulous. Muscled. Fit. In a don't F with me sort of way. I think I'm pretty fabulous (OK, not really, but you know), if a little flabbier than I was a couple years back. Or rather softer in some places. Love the junior arborist pics.


What a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday.


Your plan sounds like a recipe for excellent birthday happenings.

I have noticed and admired - from what you've shared. Hurray for 50! :D

Teresa C

The birthday celebration sounds just perfect. I know it will be. Love the pics!


I know that 'How'd I get to be 50 so fast' feeling. I still have it only more so 5 years later. Very much a decade to reflect and test yourself, I've found. And to decide what's really important to you.

Enjoy the sister retreat.


What a great way to celebrate 50 wonderful years!

kathy b

The strength of sisters is an injection of support. I just spent last weekend with one of mine in MInnesota, and Im walking with my big sister in the gorgeous woods today. Have a great birthday with yours.


Oh wow, the birthday celebration sounds like just the ticket. So much going on, Vicki! I have only four years until I hit 60. How time flies.

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