The 'Hood of the Traveling Sweater
A number of things on Tuesday



Oh, I should do that one. I need to get back into the habit of daily blogging. Plus, I plan to do a sweater for the month, which will give me something to blog.

Have you taken any courses in photography, Vicki, or is it all self-taught talent? I want to get better at using my camera and move up to a 'real' one and I can't find any decent sounding classes here.

Teresa C

Ahahahaha! Let the madness begin!

Love the photo, btw.


Yay!! It's so nice to hear from you on a regular basis for a month or two or three! I LOVE that the pansy is part of your logo. It IS Vicki!!



I just recently found your blog. You. Have. AMAZING. Photos.

I second the above commenter, where did you learn to shoot pictures live that and what equipment do you use?


Fabulous photo!!

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