Wednesday -- the weather edition


It's freezing!  It was a very frosty drive to work this morning.  I was expecting to see some, surprised at how much!  (TG) It's Friday!!!

There are widespread frost* warnings for tonight.  I've been wearing wool socks all week, with scarves and shawls wrapped 'round my neck and shoulders.  Actually thinking of knitting more socks... even though I've been pretty much resigned to the fact that I don't really knit socks and that what little sock yarn I have will have to settle for warming necks rather than feet.

My toes are saying otherwise...

We'll be buttoning up the house this weekend -- mostly tomorrow.  My favorite backyard ash tree is completely naked.  It's time.  We'll exchange screens for storms, replace some weatherstripping, take the air conditioners out.  DH hates it, but I think I'm going to put window film on some of the windows again.  I haven't done it in years, but it makes such a difference -- especially on the ENORMOUS picture windows.  Those huge panes of glass just radiate cold.

Happy weekend!  Stay warm!  I'm ready for Indian Summer now!

*Heh.  I originally wrote "Frosting warnings."  Let's eat CAKE!


Kathy W

I was just thinking that I was going to have to start putting plastic up this weekend. I'll leave a couple of southern windows until I'm sure Indian summer is over though.

I saw a construction for a solar window unit that I will try this year.


The weather is heading for a change tomorrow. Maybe snow (again)in the higher elevations. It's finally fall and I might be wearing socks again, too. Good thing the mojos back! ;-)


I'll be covering up my windows again this year, too. We're just starting to get truly chilly nights now.

Did you say cake????


Frosting warnings, I wish! But it would be a bit messy to scrape off the car. (I rode my bike to work today, though, so no scraping, but froze the fingers of my left hand because my gloves don't fit over the brace I have on it. --I had a fingerless mitt but it wasn't enough this morning!-- So I rode my bike with my left hand tucked jauntily in my pocket. Time to knit a mitten? Or find someone with SMS, Single Mitten Syndrome, and see if I can borrow one?)


I've got wool socks on today - first time this season. It's going to be chilly here this weekend, too.


I'm ready for fall! Apples, crunchy leaves, cool mornings, hot soup for supper- my kind of weather!

I'm trying to get the house ready too- flannel sheets were put on the bed yesterday. Now I'm trying to plan my fall knitting- bring on the wool!


I woke up this morning freezing --- Poe had stolen all the covers!


Let me know your shoe size and I can knit you a pair of socks. I like to knit them but, living in southern CA where it's warm 11.5 months out of the year, I don't get to wear them. I've never kept a pair of socks for if you want some, I can send you a pair!


I wasn't expecting the frost advisory, although I should have. I had to scurry out to the garden this evening.

I would take Lora up on her offer! :D


Kathryn once told the 1st grade teacher how excited she was when she woke up one cold November morning to discover the ground all covered with "icing". Oh yummy! Let me know how today was because our Saturday was "gawjus!"


That window film stuff can make SUCH a difference. Sometimes we have to choose function over form...

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