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How was your Halloween?

Happy Halloween!

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Tomorrow is the beginning of NaBloPoMo!  Halloween will be over and I'll have to take some other photos to post rather than relying on the cuties from the Halloween Party shoot.  I have a date next month with Cinderella and Miss Pink Kitty for Christmas portraits and cards, though, so you may see them again!

And there's always the boys.

And knitting!  I've finished the fronts and started the back of Maddy's sweater!

Perhaps I could find an "O" and think about catching up with my own ABC-Along.  Kudos to those who've carried on with regularity -- it must be up to "T" or "U" already!

I had to leave money for Maddy this morning and a note requesting that she go buy some Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters.  I can't believe I forgot to buy candy!!

It was so good to talk and laugh with friends last night, while enjoying a little wine and chocolate.  I tasted my first port wine -- and I liked it!  I liked it so much that I bought a bottle for Sister Weekend... it will go great with La Bete Noir (as always, thanks to Nova for that) or, if I don't get around to that, some good dark chocolate brownies.  We sampled seven wines altogether -- Pacific Rim Gewurtztraminer and Hope Estate Shiraz were other favorites.  Shazam!

Here's my big Halloween trick:  I gave all three of my kids quite a fright when I befriended them on Facebook!  Heh.  Maddy seemed especially freaked out, but she friended me back.  ; )



Vicki - LOVE those halloween cuties! Your pictures are all so wonderful.
Fear not on the candy front...I managed to get candy but we have not a pumpkin carved or costume designed. This is the first year thats happened; I even managed it the year we lived in an apartment when between houses.


Recently I started a hunt for a photographer to take pictures of my puppy (and maybe me, too) for Christmas, and now I have an entirely new appreciation for your work. I would hire you in a second if you were within a reasonable drive. I love your photos, and wish you further growth and success.


The BEST Halloween pictures...the best!
I'm stuck on V (YES, it's time for V if you can believe it). I tasted Port for the first time about a year ago. It makes dark chocolate taste even better. Happy Halloween and I'm glad we'll be bloggin' through the next 2 months together!


We're up to V is for Vicki. LOL!


I joined NaBloPoMo too -- Oy!


Great photos of the kids in their costumes. It will be awesome to see you posting every day.


Such fantabulous photos!!!!! I'm glad you'll be in every day.

As for the ABC-Along, I accelerated it and I'm on Z. And I have NO ideas.


Try the port with a good Stilton, waalnuts, and wholemeal crackers. Yum. I do miss being able to eat cheese.

My computer keeps reminding me I haven't posted J yet. Thanks for making me feel better about getting so far behind. I'm doing an unofficial NaBloPoMo, so I may catch up a bit - or just skip ahead. I'm officially doing the sweater in a month and may need some quicker blog entries when the knitting's same-old.

Sounds like the photography thing is starting to roll.

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