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Wednesday -- the weather edition

Pink Sky

It was another sunrise worthy of stopping on the way to work yesterday.  There has to be some benefit to getting up at the butt-crack of dawn, and I guess this is it.  That's a small canal and a papermill in the foreground -- a very old paper mill.  My house was built by a muckity-muck from a different paper mill -- there used to be a bunch.  There's a big hotel in the area named "Paper Valley," and a high school sports team called the "Papermakers."  Sadly, the only remaining mill in the Papermakers' town closed about a month ago.


That "red sky at morn" foretold the yucky weather that came later in the day.  I think the blah backdrop of the sky and the rain made the colors in the trees pop a little more.

It's yucky today, too.

We have a guest arriving this evening from Oregon -- the daughter of a college friend of DH's who is visiting a local university campus and will be staying with us until Saturday.  I'll be doing some cleaning today!

I have finished both the Red Scarf and My Red Shawl -- both need ends woven in and blocking, but that hasn't stopped me from wearing My Red Shawl on some of these chilly evenings.  I'll get to that soon.  Maybe today.

My knitting thoughts, if not my needles, have turned to Christmas.  In fact, I wiped out my Ravelry queue the other day and started adding holiday knitting -- I've even been somewhat realistic about it.  My knitting production, in general, has definitely taken a hit lately, though.  So who knows?



Stunning pictures! Just lovely!


Christmas knitting should be finished by now...just sayin'.
Th sunrise picture is stunningly beautiful.


Beautiful morning sky and beautiful trees.


Oh, but wasn't that beautiful sunrise worth the greyness that followed? Your red scarf puts mine to shame--must finish before the deadline. Hope your house guest is fun. These days, I do so love being around young people with all of their potential and ideal thoughts.


Thanks for the great photos! I'm really not ready to think about Christmas yet ;)


That's the kind of day a red shawl was meant for, dangly ends and all.

My knitting took a big hit this year, too. If I were the kind to do Christmas knitting, I'd definitely skip this year. Luckily, I'm not. I don't do knitting that may become obligatory and lose the joy of it. Hang onto the joy.


I stayed at that Paper Valley hotel in ~1982. I was doing my first branch office audit in a new job, and the office happened to be in Appleton. It was a lovely city, as I remember.


what amazing photos Vicki!!


What's earlier than the butt crack of dawn? Because right now I'm at work BEFORE the sunrise. Ugh!


What gorgeous fall colors on those trees! We don't get colors like that in coastal South Carolina.


I am also starting to think about xmas knitting... Nice pictures! The toilet paper mill in town here has closed...


awesome sunset. wow. and i love the railyard outlined by autumnal trees. our trees haven't changed yet in the SE, but hope they will soon. we've been promised a spectacular display this season because of the abundance of rain.

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