Autumn afternoon

I've made my bed...


...and it isn't anywhere near this one (nor is it as well appointed).  Originally posted here, this is our bed at The Benjamin in NYC after I availed myself of the pillow menu for a couple of nights.  It was my second-ever trip to NYC in June 2005, the first that was nearly all for fun -- wait, I think it was ALL FUN!!

I went to NY again in October that year to go to Rhinebeck, as I did the following year, and again the year after that.  I'm not going this year.  That's a major mistake, I think; a big miscalculation several months ago when I decided that I'd be okay with that.  I'm not.  But I made my bed, and so...

I'll be very busy at a kids' Halloween party on Saturday to keep my mind off of things.  Chocolate and candy corn will help.  It won't be the same as Artichokes French or a Chicken Pot Pie... wearing my nonexistent Rhinebeck sweater (but I woulda), sitting under red maples, watching the people and llamas and spinning wheels go by...

Hugs to all.



I hadn't asked you about this because I had a feeling you weren't coming and I didn't want to know. I'll miss you!


I've only been twice and you've been there -- will miss you!


Let's go together next year - wanna???

Mary Beth

One of my favorite hotels's just peaceful after walking the streets of Manhattan...

Mary in Boston

I'll miss saying hello! It's always nice to turn around at Rhinebeck and find you there.


We're in the same boat. I thought about going but I didn't...i'm not ok with it. I guess there's always next year (but I think I'll be ok saying that next week. not this week.)


Oddly, so far I'm noticing everyone else being off at Rhinebeck less this year than i did last, when I threatened to host a Not-at-Rhinebeck-along this year. I have a sister visiting this year and will be at my nephews college football game on Saturday, so I don't think I'll notice the empty space in blogland.

But, then, I've never yet been so I only have visions of what I'm missing.


I will miss you my Rhinebeck roommate! More than I can say!!! (Although I'm thinking Meli might have to wear the sweater you knit for her - you know - like you're there too!)


I'm not making it either. I'm basically ok except for missing the socializing. That part bothers me.

Next year!


I won't be there either and am feeling much the same way.
Next year!


Bummer. Next year!


I'm not going, either. The 13-month-old is much less sheep festival weekend friendly than she was as a five-week-old.

Next year (and maybe then I can leave her at home with her dad!)


I am not going either. And feel somewhat bereft about it. DD has her Parent's Weekend and there are 2 sick dogs to care for at home too. So either way it wouldn't have worked. Very sad for both of us.


we miss you! I am commenting from the Courtyard in Poughkeepsie ..... so far things seem much quieter than previous years. We got a table right away at the Coyote Grill -- there was plenty of seating in the hotel lobby .... what gives? People heard you weren't going to be here and they threw in the towel!


I hope you had a great weekend! We missed you.


I didn't get to go either... commiserating with you.


I was there and would've so loved to meet you there! I'm sure it's in our future, though, and will have that to look forward to.

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