Saturday sky with leaves
Partial evidence

Leafy walk up

Another favorite from yesterday's photo walk. We are having one last hurrah this weekend in terms of the weather! I was shedding extra layers and wool socks before we even hit the trails yesterday morning, and today it'll be even better/warmer.

Knitting: I garter stitched a ball of bulky Encore into a square baby hat with little tassels at the corners the other night. I've had some false starts with a cowl, a shawl and another shawl thing, along with those nagging thoughts of a couple of Christmas things, but last night I started swatching the KIM for Maddy's long-awaited sweater.



oh Vicki, I love this photo.
Looks like you might have even caught a couple of fairies in the picture :-)


Vicki - what a perfect fall photo. I can almost feel the fall breeze upon my cheek and smell the air with its crispness and scent of fallen leaves. Thanks!


Vicki - I LOVE that photo!
Yesterday I quite nearly thought about turning the A/C on - the house hit 79 and I wasn't dressed for it at all. Before we went to bed I closed all the windows in hopes of trapping that warm air for a cold day ;)


Oooh, I so want to walk up the leafy walk with the little blue spark! Where does it lead?


Beautiful! We had our own leafy walk on Saturday- wasn't it just a lovely day! That pic could be a postcard or a calendar page- wonderful!

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