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A woman with reservations

Partial evidence

Mack is only partial evidence of the great weekend. I don't recall whether I mentioned that I accompanied him on his first ferris wheel ride a couple of weeks ago. He was very brave and I was quite happy to have him as a distraction and buffer to my own height-related panic. He was very excited: "Look how far we can see!"

Bill, a family friend who is also an arborist, came to town over the weekend, also, to trim a tree for Mom. He brought along a tiny little saddle which, once it settled 'round Mack's hips and legs, did not come off. Well, hold on tight!! Mack was winched right up and was swinging around in the treetop, as well as just swinging on a nice, long rope.

Saturday night's swatch quickly became Sunday night's sleeve. It has been so long since I've knit plain ol' stockinette, I forgot how quickly it goes! I'm going to have to re-examine the sleeve cap tonight, however, since I had about a half-dozen fewer stitches than I was supposed to in the end, but hey... I'm fine with that.



He's a little man now, isn't he? They grow up too fast!


He is a little heartbreaker. Look at that rosebud of a mouth.

So, what did you start?


Such gorgeous, clear eyes! He'll be a heartbreaker someday!


Is it wrong that I, creeping up far too quickly on 60, am jealous of Mack's treetop adventure?

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