Sunset - October 1st

It was a good day, especially since I was a little down in the dumps yesterday. Ali has an opportunity about which I'm going to be rather vague, but it's really huge for her. She and I have both been working so hard on things these past few months -- her thing, my thing, things together, things apart, things for, with and to others -- and today was a big day for her thing. The economy going all to hell right now is definitely not a good thing and left me rather deflated about what might transpire at an important meeting today, but it went well -- really, really well -- and I am hopeful. Ali gained support today from someone very influential and, by golly, things just might work out. There's still a lot of work to do and more influential people to win over, but if there's one thing that girl has going for her, it's determination... and a whole bunch of other things.

I drove to Beaver Dam this afternoon to pick up DH who I'd left in Madison on Sunday. He did a little carpentry at my sister's, then spent three days as artist-in-residence at her middle school. Our weather was "unsettled" this afternoon and the sky was incredible. I left in a hurry, of course, so didn't have my camera -- and no knitting! It's the knitting that helps keep me sane when DH drives. I had to talk a lot and watch for rainbows instead.



Fingers crossed that Ali's thing works out just the way she wants.


That picture is amazing. Good luck to Ali and may all your hard work work out for both of you!


Oh, that picture is just simply gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing it!


I love the photo!
Re: the last photo. When do they cut that bloody corn down? I have reasons for asking. The neighbour's corn is spoiling my view!

Good luck to Ali!


sometimes we just need a little hope that things will go ok!! (I am a very Glass FULL kind of girl tho!) Stunning pic!! Also, never got to tell you - LOVE your Hair!!


Hope everything comes together! Lovely sunset.


Breathtaking picture! Just lovely!

Special Needs Mama

Beautiful shot. Just lovely. You have a knack, dear Ms. V.


Beautiful photo!


Wishing and praying (it's my deal) for whatever it is that you and Ali are wishing for in your hearts!

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