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The 'Hood of the Traveling Sweater

Yeah. Still no picture of the sweater I have in progress but haven't knit on in days. I've been swamped (in a good way) with other stuff and, truth be told, I can't come up with an inspiring, artful, creative, beautiful (or even just good looking) photo angle for a pair of plain old boring off-white stockinette sleeves (wooHOO!) and the beginning of the corresponding cardigan fronts (x2!).

The good news is that I can't believe how fast plain old boring off-white stockinette knits up, so maybe it'll be an FO B4 long and I can just skip the in progress part. It might seem like magic.

So. The 'hood. I've been meaning to post about this for a couple of weeks. This is Mack's Harry Potter sweater, knit late in 2005 (hence the "M"). Mack wore it a few times and Addison wore it a few times, too, but is wee and so neither wore it much before it was outgrown.

A good friend of my sister Ann's just had a baby boy whose name begins with "M"! Annie called me a wondered if:

a) it was okay to let other babies wear the sweater I made (duh) and
b) if it was tacky to offer the sweater on loan for the new baby.

I suggested that to soften the blow, she might form a documented Brother-/Sisterhood of the Traveling Sweater and each wearer would contribute a story/photo or something. That is something that this knitter could approve!



That's a cute idea! I love seeing my oldest daughter's hand me downs on her little sisters, and their hand me downs on two friends' girls now. I can remember who gave the clothes to them, someplace we went, some special event.... I love the idea of a photo journal of the sweater and it's wearers. Neat!


Heck yeaz!!


That sweater has plenty of life left in it. Let it live. Documentation consisting of cute-little-kid-in-handknit-sweater photos is definitely required.


I think that's a great idea!


I loved that sweater the first time I saw it and it still looks just as lovely. Wanted to ask you, did you do the letter in intarsia or did you duplicate stitch it? Also, was the alphabet part of the Harry Potter pattern or did you get it somewhere else?

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