A Ten-on-Tuesday that I can sink my teeth into

Two princesses, one crown

Cinderella wants to know when Ariel is going to give it back...

While all my rowdy friends were cavorting around Rhinebeck on Saturday, I was shooting a kids' Halloween party. It was a lot more fun than I was even expecting -- I was fairly organized and the weather cooperated and the kids were cute as hell. Jack Sparrow (Mack), a skeleton that morphed into an alligator (Addison), Batman, Spidey, a couple of Tiger Princesses, Ariel, Cinderella, Anne of Green Gables and Madeline were in attendance, along with a giant Raggedy Ann (my sis, Ann) and a Wicked Witch (Mom) that didn't scare a single kid. The Witch/Mom was to read a story -- the kids all cuddled up and/or pulled up a chair and she ended up reading three! One of the kids told her that she was a good witch, and another said, "Aw, you're just a grandma!"

Knitting: I've been doing some -- took a break from editing photos to watch the Packer game yesterday. The sleeves of Maddy's sweater are finished and I've cast on for both fronts at the same time; I think there's one more decrease then a little bit to the waist, and then I start to increase a bit. I'll try to get a photo soon -- even though it's a few years old, no one has knit it that I know if (nothing in Ravelry).



The kids sound too cute. That's such a good age range. I hope you got lots of photos as good as that one.

My weekend was a very good tradeoff for not cavorting with wool, too. Guess I should blog it, huh?


Oh no - a crown too short!! Sounds like a great time!


Photo is adorable but really love your watermark--it's perfect!!

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