Rockin' autumn

Cows and Fog


It was a very foggy drive to work this morning.  Slow going.  This is the view from my parked car upon arrival.


I had the zoom lens on.

One of my favorite things about where I work is that there's a small working farm right across the road.  The cows often come near the fence.  The farmer was driving his old red tractor around all last week, cutting the corn.


I love it when the cows come close to the road.  They don't seem bothered by the traffic at all.



My husband always takes the dogs with him when he is out running errands, and he intentionally takes back roads so the canines can see cows and horses and the occasional llama. They all love it.

Lisa McGuire

I love the peace, tranquility and simplicity that are captured in the pictures. Very restful in the crazy, hurry-up and "vote for me" world of today.

kay - from the back yard

Cows by the road. Reminds me of the Gary Larson cartoon where the cows are all standing on hind legs, talking to each other like at a cocktail party. Then one yells, "Car." And they all resume their stance on four legs.

That nonsense aside (please for give me), your photographs are really lovely. Keep up the good work!


That's an impressive fog bank.


Beautiful photos Vicki.


I have such a thing for cows and would pay $$$ for a print of the second photo!! I LOVE them!!

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