Landscape of a Wisconsin Weekend
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Food. Glorious food.

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One of the highlights of this Sister Weekend -- and the main reason why I chose the location that I did -- was because I wanted to go to The Dining Room at 209 Main in Monticello.  The Dining Room landed on my radar a couple of years ago because I learned of the featured textile displays -- which are usually, but not always, related to knitting -- and Knitters' Treat connection.  I try to check the website regularly to see what's on display -- and also to check the current menu.  It was not difficult to determine that the food alone would be a good enough reason to visit.  This weekend, with the addition of sisters for company, made a trifecta!

The drive from Maple Wood Lodge in Mineral Point took about an hour, and it was just beautiful.  That area of the state is hilly and picturesque, and dotted with farms.  We had no difficulty at all in finding our destination -- it certainly helps when the address is a part of the name.

I did not take photos of the knitting on display, but we all oohed and aahed, and I talked all about Elizabeth Zimmermann and Knitting Camp and Surprise sweaters and vision.  My sisters each have some knitting knowledge and measure of experience, but none of them are or have been in too deep, and the whole trip to eat and see knitting on display Monticello was definitely to appease me; thankfully they were both amused and well fed in return.

I did take photos of the food.  The lighting was not good, so I had to play around with them a bit.  I had grilled beef tenderloin filet with worcestershire glaze, blue cheese cream, fresh asparagus, and mashed potatoes (top right).  Annie had cornmeal and habanero crusted pork cutlets with poblano cream sauce, cheddar grits, and sweet pepper tortilla salad (bottom left).  Sharon and Karen both had pan-seared salmon filet with roasted garlic cream sauce, seared spinach, parmesan gnocchi, and saffron aioli (bottom right).  We were all delighted with our dinners, which were beautifully presented and simply delicious -- there were a lot of mmm's while we dined -- and portioned perfectly.

I'm definitely going to find a reason to go back.



It would be so hard to choose and it sounds like the perfect sisters dinner.


Mmmmm, that all looks soooooo good. Check your gmail account for an email from me.


Those all sound wonderful. Thanks for the delicious looking photos.


The food and photos look delicious. I was actually wondering when I first saw them how you got such good photos in restaurant light. I still am.


Mmmm. The weekend sounds and looks like it was delicious.


Хай, классный у тебя портал! Продолжай развивать!


Holy crap, you're right, those look like culinary masterpieces! I'd go there just to eat one. Or look at one. :) Your photos look straight out of a review in the NYTimes or something.

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