Food. Glorious food.

Frosted apple

Frosted apple First snow

There was an apple tree right behind Maple Wood Lodge that still had some big red apples on the branches.  I took some photos late on Friday when I was checking out the place before my sisters arrived, but the ones on Sunday -- with the addition of snow -- are better!

If I ever take pictures of my knitting again, you'll see a finished pair of Log Cabin Socks (you can see a bunch on the Flickr group for Handknit Holidays) for my BIL's Christmas present, and the start of another pair for ME!  My BIL's are knit of Cascade Pastazza in gold and I finished them on Friday night -- actually, not completely finished 'til I bought a little green Chibi at La Bella Vita Fibre Gallery on Saturday so I could kitchener the last toe and weave in the ends.  (That website hasn't been updated in a while -- there's new ownership or management, and they've moved up the street -- cute shop, as are all of the shops in Mineral Point.)  Mine are in the same yarn but in a dark, burnt, bittersweetish orange.  I just turned the heel on the first one.  It was 19F this morning -- I need slipper socks!  They do knit up fast.  I will be doing a third pair before Christmas for one of my older nephews.

My cold is definitely not gone.  Is it naptime yet?  Man, I am tired!!



Love your apple photos - they would make lovely holiday cards.


I love that second photo. It deserves to be a Christmas card.


Yup - Christmas cards! Betrter than all the stor bought ones....


Did someone say nap? OMG! Pls invite my baby!!!!


That would be a great Christmas card! Feel better soon and I hope this means you have a healthy winter!


There was a deer looking around our apple tree for windfalls the other day, not 8 feet from the house. However, I had just taken a slew of pics and my battery was dead! I hope he comes back. I've left him a pumpkin.


Was that snow early? It seems so, but then I'm a spoiled Westcoaster. It did make for good photos. I especially like the second.

I'd never thought of Pastazza for house socks. Hmmm.

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