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Hopeful Change

V-1960My mother always told me that this photo was taken on my 2nd birthday, during Denver's first snowfall of the season, and also Election Day 1960 -- the day that John F. Kennedy was elected President of the United States of America.

Well, it was either on my 2nd birthday (November 6th) or Election Day (November 8th), but not both.  All that's left is a badly preserved cut-out portion of a color snapshot (which I've scanned and quickly adjusted for color here).

It's always been a favorite, as much for what it has symbolized all these years as anything.  It's not hard to see why, is it?  Some of the words that come to mind:  Fresh, Forward, New, Pure, Hopeful, Joyous, Youthful, Excited and Exuberant -- and holy crap, look at those RED PANTS!

I feel all those things today -- minus the exuberant red pants, though if I owned red pants, I feel moved enough to wear them!  Because they're red and red's a fun color in the snow (even though it's like crazy in the 60s here today) and happy.

Man, how much has happened in 48 years.  It is simply, mind-bogglingly, amazing.

Yeah.  Mind-bogglingly!

I know what my mother was thinking when she snapped this photo and later rolled all of those events into it.  I feel that way today -- for my kids, for all kids...

Hopeful.  Happy.  Thankful.



Me, too. Happy.

Special Needs Mama

What a great pic. Like you all those years ago, I too am smiling from ear to ear.




yes! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Gonna be hard to top this gift, huh? What a great day!!!


I remember that time very well. I was 10 and I was in love with the Kennedy's. May we have some of that halcyon time back again.


Cute,cute, cute photo.


Happy, happy Birthday. Did you take advantage to do extra celebrating Tuesday? Too bad you weren't here. Several thousand people literally danced in the streets in two different spontaneous street parties.

I don't remember Kennedy's election, as I was only 6, but I vividly remember the other end of his presidency. Let's hope this time the fairy tale doesn't have such a sad ending.


Wow - great picture. OK - so let's just pretend for a minute that your Mom had your birthday party on election day because it worked out best that way - and perhaps she forever remembers them tied together. (OK, I'm not rationalizing this one on the part of all Moms out there or anything. Really.)

Hope you have a fantastic birthday.


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday!!


Happy Birthday, dear Vicki!


Happy, happy Birthday my dear friend!! I miss you and will be thinking about you all day today!!


Happy birthday, Vicki! It's been quite a year for you. May the next one be even more wonderful!


Hope your birthday is happy!


Happy, oh happy birthday! Even if it's being celebrated by a rainstorm here in Wisconsin (hey, we'll take the warmth, better than a blizzard on your birthday, and I know the rain hasn't gotten there yet).

Have a WONDERFUL time and celebrate the hell out of the day. (I hope you can.) My husband says turning 50 was great -- very liberating. (Not that he seemed very repressed to begin with.)

Virtual hugs!


Happy Birthday, Vicki! Beautiful photo! Have a super day and a fantastic year.


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!

Mary in Boston

Happy, happy Birthday!!!

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