There must be 50 ways...
Let us eat cake(s)!

How do the kids feel?

From Maddy's card -- handmade, very expensive (according to the price printed above the bar code), and sporting a logo for MZAM Printing Co.

Mom! You're fifty! When the fuck did that happen?!?! (Just kidding.)

From Katie's card -- a child's card, one for a kid turning five, doctored into 50 (it works).

I feel as though you may be younger at heart now, more than I ever remember... View this as a milestone - you've just begun some really amazing adventures!

I think they've summed things up quite well, don't you?

Thank you all so much for the wonderful birthday wishes!!  Have a great weekend.  Or, tune in tomorrow, you know, because I'm NaBlo2Mo-ing and I'll be here.



Amy P

What a great couple of kids. I love the insight this gives me to your relationship with them. Makes me miss my mom...


Great cards. Obviously you enjoyed them, too.

I'm trying to NaBloPoMo, but I'll be doing some of it from on the road this weekend. I'll try to drop by.


Great cards! I am trying to imagine giving that first one to my mother, or either of my boys giving it to me. Sadly, I cannot. Clearly you have an amazing relationship with your girls :-)


Happy Belated Birthday.


Your grrls are amazing. They really do 'get' you.


Love the cards - 'specially Maddy's!


Happy Happy Birthday!! Twice as happy even if a bit late. 50 is a great age since it is half of a century and helps you put your life into perspective. What could be more empowering?


What great sentiments. I should write that in my parents' cards! (a combination of both those lovely sayings)

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