Happy Halloween!
Rockin' autumn

How was your Halloween?



DH said that he thought it was his, at first (he's been getting them for YEARS).  Ahem.

Mom said that she's been getting them for over 20 years and hasn't opened a single one.

Looks better -- a little more exciting -- after a little Photoshop treatment.  Heh.

Happy November.  HAPPY NaBloPo2Mo!!!  NaBloPoMo 08 


Catherine D.

Ha! They sent me one when I was 35. Obviously I read older magazines :)


Ouch. I just threw one away, too.


They made a terrible, terrible mistake, sometimes things like that can happen. I think you will just have to set them straight.


Why do they send those cards to young people? I found one in my mailbox, too. :D


Open it! You'll be glad you did. There's a lot of really wonderful information to be had and, there's a lot to be said for being 50(+). How would I know?


My youngest got one this year and she just turned 30. Just wait until you start getting medicare supplement information!!!!!! That's when you start feeling it!!!! I started getting stuff last month. :( Certainly not ready for that yet ;)


Heh. I'm married to an older man, remember? We've been getting the benefits of membership (spouses are eligible!) for a long time now. And they're GOOD. Freaks the people out at hotel desks, though, when I ask for the AARP rate and pull out my card. Hee.

Steph VW

What the heck is that? It looks scary.


Fight AARP!!


I think they must start sending them to people at random ages in a misguided effort to make it seem less of an unwanted roadmark. They haven't found me yet.


Ack! You never know when they'll find you!


I started receiving from them when I was in my early 20's. I had joined the DAR (Daughters of the Revolution) an organization that my MIL was very active in. Being the good little DIL I joined also. I got the biggest laugh about receiving their mailings back then, in the early 70's.


God - I've been getting those stupid things for at least 15 years (and I'm at minimum 10 years away from retiring)... don't let it worry you - they are only recruiting early.


Dude! I totally just got one of those the other day!!! I was a bit freaked out at first - but really. I'm not even 39 yet!!!

Melissa V.O.

I got my first one at age 25. I think they are just a bit gung-ho on recruiting.


I got one when I turned 30 (3 years ago). Their lists are bad. Just laugh at it.


Oh, crap. I started getting those, too.


I've been getting those too, plus loads of mailings about Medicare from different insurance companies. AARP took me off their mailing list when I called them to tell them I'm 37, but it'll be a while before the mailings stop.

My parents joined as soon as they could (at age 50) because they're all about the senior discounts.

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