Shades of grey and muted colors
Food. Glorious food.

Landscape of a Wisconsin Weekend


Friday afternoon -- up the drive a bit from Maple Wood Lodge.


Sunday morning -- upon reaching the prairie, hiking from the lodge.


Late Sunday afternoon -- along Highway 26 between Waupun and Rosendale; the most sun we saw all weekend.

Due to technical difficulties, I missed a NaBloPo2Mo day yesterday because, due to technical difficulties, there was no internet access of any kind at the lodge.

I had a GREAT time with my sisters, though three out of four of us suffered greatly with the sniffly noses, scratchy throats, and froggy voices.  We didn't let that stop us much, sharing cold and sinus meds and cough drops amongst us, but we were perhaps a little less lively.

Now that I'm home, I am officially exhausted -- and will be back with more tomorrow.



Weekends away can be exhausting - I understand. Glad you had fun despite the cold symptoms.


The pictures are wonderful. I guess the fourth sister went home with a cold. Sounds like a wonderful time, even if low key.


Just glad you were together!


Sounds like a great weekend, sniffles or not.
We've had snow too and sun and they still have not cut down the corn!

Andrea (noricum)

I love the snow scene! You are an amazing photographer!

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