How do the kids feel?
Everybody jump?

Let us eat cake(s)!


I should have known.  It was a surprise party at Mom's!  Annie & my BIL brought Mack & Addison; my sister Sharon and brother Mike were there; the girls and DH, of course.  I have to say, I was a little suspicious, but still very surprised!  We had two kinds of lasagna and two carrot cakes (one with nuts, one without), and there were lots of gag gifts -- and some good ones, too!


Mostly, it was just a heck of a lotta fun!!



Looks like Cap'n Morgan came to the party and brought a treat!


Happy birthday, Vicki! I was thinking about you on Thursday, but I didn't realize it was BIG birthday this year! Hope it was a good one.


Happy birthday!


Looks like a whole lotta fun!


That's great, Vicki. I'm glad your family pulled this together for you.


Sounds like your whole family knows how to party!!


Good for them! It's not right to let this one pass without a few surprises!


What fun! Good food, favorite people and presents, too.

When I threw a 50th birthday party I found the party supply places carry lots of gold-colored 50th anniversary stuff that works just as well for a birthday

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