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Espalier I should really be cutting back the worn out hostas and those gorgeous hydrangeas -- wow, this was the year for them! -- but the hits of color outside are most welcome right now.  Most of the leaves have fallen and the street is starting to look wintry.

The leaves on my espalier crab apple tree will soon fall, too; love that color play on the house while it lasts!  I think I'll string lights on that "framework" for the holidays again this year.  There's a 10-foot length of fresh garland on order for the front porch, too.  Skimping on that this year (though I don't do it every year, anyway -- fundraiser from the son of a coworker this year and I don't need a wreath); we'll see how it works out.

In the "ISN'T THAT WEIRD?" department:  I forgot to drink coffee yesterday.  Ali was over just after noon and I was yawning like crazy while we were chatting.  I apologized and said that I didn't know why I was yawning so much and DH offered that maybe it's because I didn't have any coffee.  OMG, I said, I DIDN'T???  I DIDN'T!!!

I got a whole bunch done on Maddy's sweater today during the football game -- finished the decreases on the back and made it about half-way through the increases!  Not ready to make any guarantees yet, but I might make it by Thanksgiving!  Contemplating a little break, though, because I really HAVE to get Addison's Christmas stocking done!

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Love the play of the crab apple on that blue ground, too! I can't believe you forgot to have coffee. Love my morning fix.


It's amazing how we get used to that caffeine. We had run out of the high-test stuff right about the time I broke my ankle, and Smokey made me decaf for several weeks until he bought some more of the good stuff. The first day I had my customary latte I was sooooo buzzed, ready to take on the world (or at least the laundry). Now I'm used to it again, but if a day happens when I don't get it, I'm yawning like you.

Teresa C

Ugh! NO coffee!? How could you forget? Last week I had to go off tea for just a day for some testing and I couldn't function without the cup. Everything I went to do I went to do with my cup of tea. It didn't help that chocolate had to go that day as well. Just like those commercials that show the people trying to relearn life without cigarettes.

I love your photos more and more every day. If you only post a photo every day for the next two months, it will always make my day. Now get back to the knitting!


Nice depth of field stuff there. I think that's the right term for what I mean.

Nice fall color effects, too. I always enjoy the last bits of color from all the plants as they get ready for winter.

Geek Knitter

I have mad love for espalier-ed trees. Just something about them.

For heavens sake, drink you coffee! I got a sympathy headache just thinking about it!


That's so much better than the day(s) I forget deodorant!


Wonders how do you forget coffee? Amazing. Love your pictures.

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