Stone steps


With all three of my offspring working as coffee-slingers -- two of them in the place that matters in terms of this mug -- I could not believe my eyes when I saw it first in a post at Margene's and then at Lynne's and still I didn't have one of my own.

That was corrected right quick, as evidenced above.

My new favorite non-coffee drink, particularly as winter starts to settle in around here (man, it's COLD outside -- "feels like" 2F the radio weather guy said this morning!) and as I recover from an early-season cold, is steamed lemonade (I like mine diluted with water just a wee bit) in which are steeped two bags of Tazo tea. I'll be trying some different combos. I like it with mint, but last night it was Wild Sweet Orange and Zen. Shaz-Om.

I started Addison's Christmas stocking last night. Finally!!! I charted his name while hangin' with the sisters last weekend. It should go fairly fast, especially as I'm staring at a 4-day weekend beginning tomorrow! I'll work on Wednesday, have Thanksgiving off, and work again on Friday, then the weekend off. Holy crap. Then it'll be December!!



I saw it on Ravelry, next to a piece of knitting and that was all I could concentrate on. I want one!


I've got one, too, and I love it!


I've been enjoying my mug on most mornings and again in the afternoon for tea. I'm so sorry you'll be working on Friday and I'm so glad I have four days off!!


Such damn cool cups! Maybe I could just knit one....


I saw a pitcher in that pattern at my LYS/Tea Shop. Cute but more resistable.

Where did this year go?

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