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Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday:  Ten Predictions for the Next Four Years

I believe we will have a president who, for the first time in a long time, will 1) command respect and 2) will inspire us to 3) be encouraged by the hope for and 4) to effect the change that we desire.  It won't be swift and it won't be easy, but we can do it.  Yes we can.

I believe some of the ways those changes will be felt in the way we generally regard 5) race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation (finally!), 6) politics (not as usual), 7) economics (it's going to hurt for a while), and 8) in the status quo.

I believe our president will 9) lead by example, displaying thoughtful intelligence that will make others 10) aspire to be thoughtful and intelligent themselves.

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Still celebrating my birthday:  Dinner out with my BFF tonight.  Sister Weekend looming.

Knitting:  Nearly to the half-way mark on the second of a pair of Log Cabin Socks (for Christmas)!



I really hope these predictions prove true. We need it.

Good going on the socks.


Excellent predictions.

Have you shown us the Log Cabin socks? I don't remember seeing them, but if they are Christmas presents that might explain it.


Oh, Vicki. I couldn't agree more.


You are right on!


Yahoo! Love the predictions...

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