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The best laid plans and all that

Well, it would have worked if I lived in any other television market but Green Bay's.  You see, while Monday Night Football is an ESPN thing, not everyone around here has ESPN or knows someone who has ESPN or knows of a sports bar that broadcasts ESPN 24/7 (including Monday Night Football games), so the MNF football games featuring the Packers are also broadcast on a local network.

Go ahead, guess which one!

Yeah.  ABC, former home of MNF and current home of Dancing With The Stars.  But you know what?  We're good.  I checked the line-up and I could see that the DVR got the message that DWTS would be broadcast at 12:35 a.m. or some such ridiculous time -- right after the football game, the local news, Nightline, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Apparently those signals are apt to be crossed, though, and I believe the game may have gone a bit late (-- but an hour?  I watched most of that game -- and perhaps this sad tale would be more palatable had the Packers won the game, since I have been known to cheer GO PACK GO on occasion --), but I didn't think it ran that long.

Whatever.  When I queued up DWTS this morning to enjoy over coffee, I got the tail end of Nightline, instead, followed by all of Jimmy and then a provoking little bit of non-HD DWTS.

Okay, so here's how pathetic I am.  I called the local ABC affiliate and complained.  I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't THE FINAL!!  For crying out loud.  The woman on the phone assured me that I could watch the entire episode online -- and not just the highlight reel (yes, I asked).  In fact, at that time of the day, I could not.  I tried, believe me, I tried all the various ways short of serving my computer up to the Cookie Monsters on a silver platter.

So I sent the local affiliate an email, too.

It did occur to me after a while that perhaps last night's recorded episode of Boston Legal was... and, indeed it was... another little bit of DWTS (also non-HD).

And then, at about 2:00 or so, I noticed that last night's episode was available for online viewing.

Whew!  So now I'm all caught up and ready for TONIGHT!!  I'm thinkin' Brooke, Lance, Warren -- 1, 2, 3.



This morning I saw the loss, turned to Smith and said, poor Vicki!


It's really frustrating when the show you want to watch is preempted. Dale called the network once year ago and (should I tell you this?) finally tried calling the White House he was so mad. Yeah. That's my guy, taking it straight to the top.


I thought your 1-2-3 too. And was surprised the two and three were reversed. My aunt blamed it on the hip hop. :)


Me, too! I thought surely Lance and Lacey would come in second. But I think we all underestimated the Bluto-esque appeal of Warren. He really is just so fun to watch.

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