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The sixes

Tagged by Terry, I've seen this meme around the past couple of days and considered nabbing it from Sandy, myself!  Thanks, T!

--Go to your sixth picture folder and pick the sixth picture
--Pray you remember the details


I may have already posted this one!  This was taken on May 12th, when I was watching the boys in Madison for a day.  Addison had a terrible cold and the original of this photo has a lot more snot and boogers.  However, I loved that the sparkly eyes and that wide open mouth were just so Addison, so I chose that photo when I needed one for a project to practice some Photoshop techniques -- snot and booger removal among them, but also black and white conversion, some dodging and burning, toning, and other enhancements.  Oh my, the things you can do!  Anyway, it's become one of my all-time favorites -- instant mood-improver -- it's even been printed and framed!!

Now, for the tagging part.  I don't tag much anymore, but this one is so easy for people to do and I'm curious, so...

  1. Celia.  She's had some wonderful travel adventures over the past few years... or we might get a fun pair of pajamas!!
  2. kmkat.  She's coming to town for some knitting, um (what happened to my strike-out thingy?), I mean for a conference in a couple of weeks.
  3. KarenJoSeattle.  Might be Washington, but could also be Oregon or California.
  4. Carole.  Mmmmm.  Maybe more pie.  ; )  Lovin' the leaves on that pumpkin pie!
  5. Cathy-Cate.  Whatcha got?!
  6. Ann.  You must have something to blog about, woman.  A pug??  ; )

I'm off for a quick shoot this morning so I can finish up the last of the Christmas cards, then another quick visit with Mack & Addison before they head back home today, then MAYBE I'll take some photos of these stupid slipper socks!  I started project pages on Ravelry, even, to nudge myself to get it done!

Happy Weekend.



Sandy tagged me for this one, too. I'll be doing it - I think it's fun!


Fun! I shall get on it right NOW!


Thanks, Vicki.
I keep my picture folders in various places, but my connection to my server is down right now, so I'll have to wing it on figuring out which counts as my sixth folder.
I doubt it'll top yours, though.


Hey Vicki - seeing you on Facebook made me miss blogland. Love the photo - I'm missing that booger and snot remover from my version of Photoshop.........drat.


Just saw this, with my travel and travel difficulties this weekend.

Love your picture!

I will go excavating in my folders tomorrow and see what comes up!

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