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GB-Vacant We were in Green Bay last night for the opening of the 64th Art Annual at the Neville Public Museum.  DH had two pieces accepted into the show -- a small graphite drawing, Giant Shorebreak No. 2, and Low Tide, a large acrylic painting.  Good friend and fellow co-op artist at Main Street Art Works in Hilber, Bonnie de Arteaga, won the top prize!  w00t!

Shameless plug which I've hardly ever done in over four years of blogging, but it's tough out there, ya know?  I recently updated DH's website, Oceans and Dreams, and while I have some fine tuning to do (i.e., he has better images or can I tweak this or that), check it out.  The limited-edition prints -- Beaches & Paths and Porches & Interiors -- are 25% off and shipped at no cost through the end of the year.  Art makes a nice gift.  /plug

Anyway, the photo above shot from right outside the museum last night, looking over the river.  Can you tell that there's some ice floating on that there river?  Brrrrr.

After the museum closed, we went around the corner to Vacant Gallery of Art -- a temporary gallery at 114 S. Broadway which, four weeks ago, was a vacant building.  The place was hoppin' and they were showing some good and interesting work.  I don't know how long it will last...

I was up bright and early and was the first one in the stylist's chair for a haircut this morning.  I'm waiting for laundry to finish and then heading down to Madison overnight.  I've a photo shoot with a couple of families tomorrow morning, then back home to  work and enjoy Monday and Tuesday off.



Congratulations to DH on the show. Hope the holidays are a good season for him.


Your DH does such beautiful work. Enjoy your days off!

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