A mouse in the house!


In which F is for Fahrenheit, but could also be for F*ucking cold outside!  And, apparently, given that little Freudian slip of the Finger, it truly is.  Dang.  A high of 1F today.  Eight-below-zero tonight.  "Feels like" a helluva lot colder...

The doorknob on the door to the garage (a detached garage) was frozen this morning, the two cars with openers locked inside.  I can see now that a touchpad opener on the exterior could be useful once or twice a year.  I suggested using a blow dryer to defrost the knob and the DH emerged from the house with the heat gun and all I could imagine was a detached garage in flames so I retreated into the house for some other distraction while he blew on the door.

The knob was defrosted in only a few minutes, of course, and entry gained, but there was still plenty of  moisture in the knob and it froze back up again in mere minutes.  We enjoyed a comparitively warm and melty weekend, which concluded with a light rain last night followed by a fierce, howling wind to bring in the cold.

Wow, this month is flying by -- I guess December always does.  The next meeting of my book club is purely social and, this year, includes an optional cookie exchange, to which I opted in but kind of wish I hadn't though I'm sure I'll be thankful in the end.  I was thinkin' I still had a week or so, but it's this Wednesday!

We'll be meeting at the same place where this photo was taken last night:


Self-Portrait with New Earrings (knitted ones that I made myself) and The Thing on the Bathroom Wall at the Restaurant Where I Attended a Christmas Party

...and it remains to be seen whether my unintended series of holiday party bathroom self-portraits continues and, if it does, how it will differ because I'm pretty sure I won't be looking much different and I think this is the only bathroom at this particular establishment.  ; )

Think good, warm, healing thoughts please.  Thanks.



All the warm, healing thoughts you need, babe!

Steph VW

heh heh - that bathroom wall colour is particularly flattering with your complexion.

Love the earrings!

Geek Knitter

Warm, healing, don't-burn-down-the-house thoughts... on it!


Love the earrings. Love the hair. And a little bit of cloning/healing tool will get that bathroom thing right off the wall. ;-)

Jen (Friender)

When it gets this cold, I just think about people in covered wagons. This place is truly uninhabitable for humans at times.


And I thought walking my dogs with a windchill around 15 was cold. Sending lots of warm thoughts your way.


Love the earrings and the self portrait!
I'm right with you on the cold, babe.


Stay warm, Vicki. It is wicked cold. I love your earrings! You look very cool wearing them.


Our heat is on interruptible power (don't ask), which the electric company seems to interrupt for at least a couple hours between 5 and 9 pm on every day that the temp is below 10℉. Right now it is 55℉ here at my computer and -12℉ outside. Brrrr. Thank FSM (and my knitting needles) for fingerless gloves.


Oops. I meant to say that your expression says to me, "F*uck the cold, I got my earrings to keep me warm!" :-)


I just love the portrait title - oh, and the person in the portrait!!

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