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Bijouterie on a whim

I've only knit one earring so far and am anxious to make it a pair, but already one of my favorite things about these is how big they are yet nearly weightless.

I have 30 gauge wire from the florist shop (heh) and 28 gauge craft wire from the bead shop. They were pretty clueless at the bead shop. There were no cable thimbles to be found, but I was able to get sterling wires and I just looped the wires through a few times.

Very fun project.



Cable thimbles?

Great earring!


Okay, I read the pattern in Knitty and now I know what they are. Learn something new every day.


Very cute. Not too fiddly?


I made a pair, well 1 and half pair last night. It's quick and fun, but my pair are an abject failure. I need 30 gauge wire and couldn't find it. The thimbles are also called wire protectors or wire ends.


okay, those are pretty cool. I need some new danglies. Now to determine how bad I want to go to the bead store.


What fun! Those are great, very stylish.


WOW! You are telling me you KNIT these? I'm going to have to get some more details on this. It looks like someone said the pattern was on Knitty....I'll check it out. They are awesome!

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