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Mom's playhouse

I trudged through the snow late this afternoon -- out the garden room door, across the patio, up and over the deck, down heavily snow-covered stairs -- to take photos of Mom's playhouse (or, as she prefers to call it, "garden house") (whatever) (it looks an awful lot like a certain gingerbread house) (not that my mom's a wicked old witch or anything).  It's been years since she sent out cards, but she's feeling inspired -- in part, I think, by the cards I made with Mack & Addison and how people have enjoyed them -- and wants to spread the love and share a little of her joy, too.  The little house has been in progress for a few years, but it's finally (just about) finished.  It sits at the far edge of their lot, way down in the ravine, and it makes her happy to look at it from the house.  So warm and cozy.

I was flummoxed all day about the 365 photo.  I tried a few different things that didn't work out and then I saw this...

365.8 (before)

...and had to do this...


...it's not as soft and fluffy as it looks.  It's quite cold and wet, as you might expect.  (Still no hat.)



I would like to have cocoa and cookies with you in that playhouse.


Really neat playhouse - love the photos, but you sure need a hat and at least a pair of mitts ;)


Good eye!


Vicki, what will we do with you - though I'm not sure how much help a hat would have been in this situation.


I can feel the wet butt melting! Love it!

lynne s of oz

What a fantastic playhouse!
Ick, snow and jeans do not mix. We did some cross country skiing at one point and one of my friends wore jeans. The only way she could stop was to sit down. She had a very damp and cold botty!
great to see your brother in action :-D


A good photographer knows when it's time to step into the picture. It was worth the cold arse. ;-)

Steph VW

What a beautiful little house! I wonder if your mom would let me come over to play?


What fabulous photography! I'm assuming you were using a tripod with a very low shutter speed?

That is just the coolest playhouse..um, gardenhouse, I've ever seen!


Your photography is beautiful - you are very gifted. I think it's your calling! All of your photos draw me in.


Looks like a wet butt, but well worth it.

Say hi to kmkat for me!

(Still bummed that I missed you the one and only time I was in your neck of the woods. I'll just have to come back sometime....)


Hi Vicki. A fellow Wisconsinite here in the western part of the state. I've enjoyed following your blog for quite awhile and finally decided to start my own. In solidarity I want to say, I never wear a hat. Maybe a hood or headband, but never a hat. I have thick hair and lots of Scandinavian blood. That's good enough.

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