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Brew Sampler


I attended a little Christmas party last night.  We started at a local brewpub for drinks and hors d'oeuvres, then some of the best pizza around.  We started passing different beers around the table for sampling, then decided order a sampler.


Houdini Honey Wheat was in my big glass (with a slice of orange), but the Tilted Kilt Scottish Ale was very good and is on my list for next time.  My book club meets here often, so there will definitely be a next time.  I don't know why I never tried the beer before.  I also liked the Vanishing Vanilla Stout -- it took some getting used to... and I did.

We later went upstairs to take in the show at a comedy club and it was funny -- lots of laughing, stomach hurting.  Best of all, It wasn't in your face, it wasn't explicit, and it wasn't abrasive.  Good 'n Funny.



Sounds like a WONDERFUL evening. However, it would have given me the biggest tummyache imaginable. I just cannot drink beer -- even to the point of having ordered beer-battered fish 'n' chips recently and I suffered the same tummyache. Sad.


that looks like a good time!


I love pubs that offer beer samplers! Sounds like a really fun night.


I like the stouter beers, too. Beer is an acquired taste and brew pubs have some of the very best beers. Sounds like very fun evening!


I love a good brew pub! And those samplers are good so you can try all the kinds without getting too snockered. I'm a fan of IPAs, porters, and stouts...


Ooh, yum! I love beer samplers:) Hubby would have been right there with you on the wheat, while I would have prefered the stout, one of my favorite types. I think we like the samplers because we have complementary tastes to each other and drink the whole thing! and more...

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