The tree's been in the garage since Tuesday night and I just have this block -- both mental and physical -- about trying to find the lights. And the stand. I did walk about the basement for a few minutes last night, looking for the stand, but came up empty. I borrowed it from Mom last year and I wonder if I returned it; she does not recall.

Do you think I could just lean the tree up in a corner of the living room and have the kids put their ornaments on it? I could tilt a lampshade in that direction. I mentioned it to Gretchen in reply to a comment yesterday and she suggested that I could go all out and even use a colored bulb.

It's snowing. The weekend is upon us and there's going to be more snow! It looks like I won't be venturing far from home, so I guess I'll practically be forced to face it. *sigh* It'll come together.



No matter what you do it will be the right thing.

Marcie Nied

You're "drained" and I'm "stretched". Sounds like we're in the same boat today. Keep paddling and we'll get there! Or should that be shoveling?


I got the fake tree up last night. Plus the garland and star on it, but no more decorations. Thank goodness for trees that come with lights and stands already on them.

Don't push it until it feels like the job will be more of a pleausre than a chore. Make the whole thing a family project, including finding the lights and stand. Maybe the group challenge will kindle the spirit.


Ha! I got a tree yesterday, got it home and tore apart the house before realizing that we must have thrown out the tree stand since it's been 5 years since we had a tree up.

I have to go get one tonight before the cat knocks the tree out of the flower pot it is propped up in.


(just finally catching up!).... I say plunk the thing in the snow, outside one of your windows... and if you're up for it, put some bird feeders on it, or those seed bells, or popcorn and cranberries and/or oranges garlands. LOVE those noro scarves... and great earrings!


I had the babysitter over a few weeks ago and didn't have the oomph to go out, so I stayed home and had her help me put the tree up. It was the BEST babysitting money I ever spent. I wish I would have thought of this years ago.


We live in a small apartment and sometimes the shifting and moving of the clutter really takes away any joy of getting the tree. But oh, once that struggle is over it has added much joy and cheer to our home. We have been getting better about having those boxes and Christmas 'stuff' labeled and wow it has really helped.

Be incredibly kind to yourself about this and make sure to ask for help.


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