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Michael's band played out at a local bar tonight for the first time since February 2006.

He's rockin' it on bass guitar!  ; )  I'll never be a rock concert photographer, but I went down and took a few photos.  I smell like an ashtray, but it was worth it to see him play.

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My brother had a long recovery from a terrible car accident at the end of February 2006, so this is huge.  We wondered -- he wondered -- for a while whether he'd ever play out with the band again... whether there'd even be a band.  Very cool.  I blogged quite a bit of it to keep my sanity -- just click on the big "Michael" over on the right under "Categories" if you care to read the long rollercoaster back story.



Go, Michael. And it's great that you got to be there.

As a former nurse, I love stories like his. I'll take some time in the morning to really read it.


It must have been so awesome to see him play and rock out!


Woo hoo for Michael!


What an amazing thing the human brain is, surpass only by the human spirit. I'm so happy to read that Micheal is rocking out on his bass again. I took a look back to the beginning of the journey and the memories came flooding back of my family's journey with my younger sister. Like Micheal, she suffered a brain injury after being rear ended at highway speed by a semi (on I-94 in Minneapolis). Unlike Micheal, that was her only injury. Happily, she has made a remarkable recovery. Not everything is as it was but she is still (mostly) the same person.

I'm so happy for your brother, for you, and your families that he is doing so well.


That's awesome. Congratulations to him for making it through and coming out the other end rockin'!


Dude! Awesome!


Бояны не пройдут!


This makes me so very happy. Yay, Michael!

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