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How to stay warm (or at least not freeze) at 15F

I went to the Packer game yesterday at L-L-L-L-Lambeau Field -- the Frozen Tundra -- and it was darn cold. The bank sign said 15F when we passed on our way to the hardware store to buy hand- and toe-warmers; it was 11F on the way home after the game.

I wore tights, a pair of leggings, and a pair of jeans.

On my feet (over the tights), I wore a lighter pair of socks, a pair of wool socks (thanks Celia!), and my Eddie Bauer boots.

I had a turtleneck over a silk undershirt, and a thermal T over that, topped off by my EZ* Ribwarmer. I had on a wool cardigan that I later removed for use as a lap blanket (Katie & I shared), and that I later wished I had back on but I would have had to wrestle Katie for it. I also had on a coat.

I wore a neckwarmer (thanks Sarah!), a silk shawl wrapped as a scarf, a free Packers scarf handed out at the gate as we entered, and earmuffs. On my hands were my Fetching mitts and my EZ* Mitered Mittens.

Unfortunately, the Packers lost. Again.

*Elizabeth Zimmermann knew a thing or two about Wisconsin weather.



And you look so damn cute too!


I love it!


the real question is could you walk or did they have to roll you into place?


Sounds like you had the wool well represented!


I'm not sure even wool would have kept me warm in temperatures that cold!




I'm so glad I live on the West Coast.

You forgot a hat. About 25% of body heat escapes through your head. Next time at least wrap the free scarf over your hair.

Did you have a good time?


I wish they had won too! The other thing that really helps at those late-season games is a Thermacare back pain heating pad wrapped around your middle under your clothes. They provide gentle heat for eight hours and last a lot longer than those little hand warmers. I've worn them to December games in the past and they really really help keep your core toasty!


You are a hardy gal, Vicki. Sorry your guys lost. Ours guys surprised us by winning. Of course, we watched from the comfort of our living room chairs, wearing much fewer layers than you.

Jen (Friender)

Nice! Sounds like you were well dressed. :)


You needed a hat.

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