Blue snow makes me happy
It's a stripe of a different sort

Noro Stripes

Variation on a theme. Sometimes these things don't turn out like the others. I should be finished with this by the weekend. Another attempt at Addison's Christmas stocking forthcoming.

I had a great time tonight knitting out with a friend in town for a convention. More on that tomorrow. I'm pooped.



I'm glad you had a fun night out. I'm still in work hell and I have to go to Philly tomorrow for the weekend. Again. (I was there last weekend.)

In other news, Meli is NINE months old tomorrow (or today, I guess!) Can you believe it!? Still no teeth, but she's pulling up on everything (well, mainly me.)

Sorry to write and email on your blog but it's all I'm capable of these days. Back to the freaking grind. New Year's can't come soon enough.


Cara and I had the same idea ..... to hog up your comments with lengthy emails!

Your pictures are looking fabulous darling (and so's the knitting). I am working like crazy and miss our Wednesday mornings! (fingers crossed for next week!)


Your pictures get better and better.


You were knitting with Kmkat weren't you?!?
I bet it was a blast.
Love the scarves! & the photo as always....

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