It's about time... let's review: 2008

On the needles

Turn a Square Hat 

This is a Turn A Square hat using some green Cascade 220 and the leftover Malabrigo from the hat I made for Kevin.  Making this with Katie in mind and, hopefully, the yarn will be enough to make it a bit more loose fitting than the original.  If not, I've got plenty of little bits of this and that to use up 'til I get one that's right.

Beret 26

I started to Turn A Square when I ran short of yarn for Ali's beret, as I suspected I would.  This is #26 from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2006.  I've adapted the pattern to knit on straight needles because I'll be damned if I'm going to buy yet another set of broomstick DPNs for this project.  I had pretty much finished it "as written," when I heard Ali's voice in my head cautioning that so many of the similar hats she's tried on are too small; and it was, no doubt.  So I ripped back, knit another pattern repeat, and that's where I'm at with that.  With a new skein, I might even knit another repeat.  I bought the yarn at LOOP in Milwaukee, which is closed today (as are most yarn shops 'round here), so I'll call tomorrow and see if they have a skein in the color/dye lot -- though it looks like it has neither color nor dye lot; trust me, it does, and I know that you know that it matters.  By coincidence, I may have a guest from Milwaukee for New Year's Eve who might not mind stopping by to pick it up!



Pretty, pretty hats -- I especially like the first one.

Rebecca in CO

I love the colors in your Turn A Square hat! I knit one for my nephew this year and he wears it constantly. Yours is very nice.

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