What's in store
'Tis the season


Almost forgot to blog.  Even though I missed a day last month, I still intend to blog with the best through the end of the year.

Striping continues.

And it continues to entertain.

There's a Christmas party tomorrow -- at a comedy club (I sure hope the guy's funny) -- that will seriously cut into my striping time.

For the first time in a long time, though, I've been taking my knitting to work... and actually knitting during my lunch break.  So progress is being made, anyway.



Thanks for reminding me I haven't posted yet - I think. Maybe I have time before I crash if I keep it short.


Last night a friend was knitting a Noro scarf and she was entertained with every stitch. It cracked me up.


Hope the comedian is funny and you enjoy the Christmas party! Thanks for the scarf tip - it worked. That tip plus moving the yarn forward before slipping the last stitch on the second row.

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